Translation Services

Translation services are available for non-English speaking patients and their families.

Prior to Your Procedure – Complete Your Patient Health Form

As soon as your procedure has been scheduled, complete your Patient Health Form. Once you do this, our nurses will be able to access the information you entered. This information will assist the clinical team in preparing for your procedure.

Pre-Admission | Registration

Call 863.683.2428, Option 2, to schedule a pre-admission/registration appointment prior to the date of your procedure.

If you have an Advance Directive that contains a “Do Not Resuscitate” provision, it will be suspended while at Watson Clinic Surgery Center.

What is the process to check in at the surgery center?
WCSC no longer requires the COVID-19 testing. One (1) visitor per patient and only patients who require special assistance and minors may have only two (2) visitors to obtain vital clinical history/information.

Notes to Visitors

WCSC is a smoke-free facility. Please refrain from smoking on-site. Please also refrain from smoking and using tobacco products before and after the patient’s procedure.

We ask that you be respectful with cell phone and tablet use in the waiting room. As a consideration to other patients and guests, we ask that you use earbuds and step outside to make phone calls.

COVID-19 message:

• Wearing a face mask is entirely optional while in the facility. A nurse will provide a mask if needed. 
• Visitors may either wait in the lobby, outside in automobile and/or give their cell phone numbers to admission staff and nursing staff will call driver upon discharge. This is on a case by case basis and if the case is longer than 45 minutes and you feel more comfortable doing so.